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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Been a busy few weeks...:) I LOVE Idaho!

I love Idaho...:) Shhhhh, don't tell anyone how awesome it is here...:) Just kidding, kinda! Now that I work for the USDA Forest Service, I need to promote responsible use of the amazing beauty and infinite recreational opportunities here! Be safe and enjoy what we have here! I totally agree that we need to do whatever we can to preserve this for future generations!

Just a little tree hugger in me. Semper Fi!

Finished a bridge with my good friend! 24ft long X 60in. wide. Tough mother...:) I'll try to get copies of the pictures.

Usual home/yard cleaning/organizing.

Last season, I worked as the Smokejumper Staff Assistant for the BLM at the NIFC.

This season, I started work at the USDA Forest Service, Boise, ID Headquarters. So much information and happenings to keep track of.

Monday, 05/19/2014:
Get to know you and basics of my job training all day, then a WCT (Work Capacity Test) Only had to do the light so far, 1 mile in under 16min. I got 14min...:)

I'll be doing a lot of special project assistance, and gophering...:)

Tuesday, 05/20/2014:
Front Desk meet & greet training. Learning how to help people get the info. they need.

Picking mushrooms? Check here for latest info.

Need firewood or burn permits? Check here for more info.

Wednesday, 05/21/2014:
Delivered new furniture to the Atlanta, ID Ranger station. Their grading the roads and getting the cabin and ranger station ready for this season. Last year, the area suffered some severe wildfire damage.

Last season was intense, and it's looking like this season could be the same or worse!

Be sure to check the USDA websites for current road closures and recreational impact before heading out.

Did some PA (public affairs) for the Becker Integrated Resource Project.

Thursday, 05/22/2014:
Shot some video of 2014 Wildfire training in Idaho City. Channel 7 was there as well.

My video is for the USDA Forest Service: Should go into training footage. I'm not sure if I'll be able to show you this stuff until it's packaged and approved for public consumption. Super cool (I mean hot) video! I was up and close to the Terra Torch and fire line. "Nothing like the smell of Napalm in the morning." Ok, not exactly napalm, but a strong diesel smell.

Friday, 05/23/2014:
Completed my RT-130 Annual Fire Safety Refresher at CWI! More to follow...:)

I have to get my bright yellow Nomex firefighter shirt dirty(Super NOOB)! Just a little hazing from the veterans...:)

My USDA Forest Service uniform is awesome! I'll get some photos when I suit up again...:)

Continue to work on MOA Eot*'s, trying to keep up with them while working!

I'm being presented with a plethora of learning opportunities and really am enjoying life! Hopefully, financial security will come with that...:)

Have a safe and awesome Memorial Day weekend! Semper Fi fellow veterans!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Few projects in the works...:)

I've got a few things going on...:)

Posted updated videos to Psychedelic Aire's Pinterest site.

Worked on MOA Eot's until about 3:00am...:) Added a few new tidbits to the MOA Eot's with more to follow.

I still have lots of little tweaks to make in Adobe After Effects, and of course still working on props, characters and scenes in AnimeStudio Pro...:)

Finishing up building a bridge for an old buddy of mine. Like a real bridge! 24ftX60in heavy duty, badass bridge! This thing could hold a small car...:)

Thank you for supporting MOA Eot's! Only 11 days left!

Have an awesome weekend!