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Friday, December 27, 2013

Just a quicky...:)

Now that the new website is up, I've had to go in a tweak a few things to make it all work. I finished registering with and have officially launched Spectrum This is the first cd I've ever released, and cdbaby has been absolutely worth the investment. Being an independant musician/artist has enough challenges, and their services are invaluable! I seriously just googled the word invaluable...:) Great thanks go to my wife Peace Jaway for not only supporting me in my creative expression, but for her amazing understanding and utilization of the English language! She reminds me to use proper language (most of the time). I used to use the word 'ris·quĂ©' quite inappropriately...:) I have much more work to do, so I'll talk to you all later. For now, enjoy the new sights and sounds, and stay tuned for more. Thanks for experiencing the Psychedelic. -Dude Jaway 

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  1. It's risky to be so risque. :) You're welcome, of course. I'm just glad your stuff is finally gettin' out there. The world needs more psychedelic... air(e). :)