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Monday, March 17, 2014

Continuing the adventure...:)

Working on Moments of Awareness Tarot & Astrology Energy of the Day's...:)

I have a good workflow for those, but have limited time to customize them because of rendering times. That should improve. Hopefully!

Peace just got me the upgrade for AnimeStudio Pro 10! Wooohooo...;) it also teases you with Poser Debute, which is for 3D character creation/animation.

I'm still trying to learn AnimeStudio, but the ability to create my characters in 3D and bring them into 2D is a tempting challenge!

Don't forget to support the MOA Eot* fundraiser any way you can! Thank you for all the support!

We got a little snow this morning, but it's supposed to warm up some more. It's actually snowing now???

Well, back to animating...:)

Have an awesome day!

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