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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The process continues

I've been trying to keep up! Creating a daily, weekly and monthly Moments of Awareness Tarot & Astrology animation has many challenges...:)

I use AnimeStudio Pro 9.5 for the animated Dude Sr. SmithMicro just updated it to 10.0, but I'll have to wait on upgrading just yet...:(

The basics:

Peace Jaway does the Energy reading for the day, week and month.

I take those readings and create the voice-over in Adobe Audition or SONAR X1 Essential. Do some sound sweetening...:)

(Lately, I use Adobe Audition for the voice-overs, and SONAR X1 is best for music and soundtrack creation.)

I take the voice-over audio and bring it into Papagayo. This allows me to sync the Eot* text with the voice-over audio. Once the audio and text are synced, Papagayo will output a data file that sets the keyframes for the lip-sync in AnimeStudio. ?????

(this process makes the animated Dude's mouth use the proper phonemes for the Eot* text and audio....makes him talk.)

Once the animated portion is set-up, I render the animation into a QuickTime file so I can import it into Adobe Premiere Pro for compositing.

In Adobe Premiere, I combine all the different media components into the final Eot* video and render for YouTube.

I've run into numerous challenges along the way, and many more to follow. "Trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion just crossed my mind, Grateful Dead, I will survive." (highschool yearbook quote by me.)

As other much wiser philosophers have mentioned, these challenges are learning experiences along the road of dust in the wind throughout time, blah, blah, is, we are, I am, BE...:)

The entire process from start to finish is currently 8-12 hours per Eot* video! 

I have been trying to help out another "Old veteran buddy" deconstruct an old house so he can recycle/reuse the amazing old growth, rough-cut and absolutely beautiful lumber. Hard physical labor (hurts so good.) He'll create some amazing woodwork from what we salvage.

The Spring weather is allowing me some indoor time to keep creating, so hopefully I can get caught up on the Eot* animations and get some more fun stuff created.

Enjoy the process and life! Have an awesome day!

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