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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Freaky Time...:)

Time is doing that shifting thing again??? It might have something to do with animating? I'm working at 30 frames per second (fps), and setting keyframes for correct timing can be challenging! I have a ton of respect for all the animators that came before and improved the art.

It's amazing to think of the talent, time and patience these artist have! I'll keep trying and hopefully get the knack of it...:)

Animation used to be and sometimes still is completely hand drawn!!! Frame by frame!

I'm trying to learn and integrate Poser with Anime Studio, but have to be really cautious not to put in too much detail. My computer can barely handle what I'm asking of it now...:(

Poser allows for 3D character creation. Right now, I need to get the 8 major poses of my Dude Sr. character, and 3D can make that a lot easier if my computer can process it!

One big challenge I have now it trying to get the Tie-dye t-shirt to look and work right. It's a combination of lots of vector shapes, and gets out of whack when I move my character too much. I'll try some other shirt options, but really love that Tie-dye!

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Well, back to creating! Have an awesome day!

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