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Monday, January 13, 2014

Time flies...:)

Reviewing my MOA Timeline for today. Thanks Peace! I use this and the MOA Energy of the Day daily when possible and have found them to both be very telling of that days energies to consider. I highly recommend checking them out!

This timeline was custom tailored for me. Get your own custom MOA Timeline and other great astrological products @ Moments of Awareness.

Jan 2014
14 Enter: 01-14-14
Exact: 01-14-14
Leave: 01-15-14
Mercury Square Jupiter Transit to Natal
You could find yourself mentally acute and in a problem-solving mood. However,
there is a real possibility that the decisions you make today and the solutions
you find may have to be re-done tomorrow.


  1. Not to mention Rick Levine, whose daily readings I really appreciate your sharing with me. It's good to be in the company of such an esteemed astrologer in your daily perusings. :) Thanks, Dude.