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Friday, January 24, 2014

Up all night learning and researching.

I was up all night learning some great Anime Studio techniques/tutorials from Incredible Tutorials and Content Paradise. Awesome! I was also trying to understand more music theory and specifically how to play piano notes on the guitar. This was more for visuals of the finger positions on the guitar. I'll be working on switch layers for one of my characters. Switch Layers are image/vector layers created for making quick transitions of poses in graphic software.  This is just one way animators can make different phonemes (mouth poses) to make it appear an animated character is speaking specific words/sounds.

I'm trying to figure out how to make my character play the actual notes on a guitar. Next step after creating guitar fingering poses, is to make the poses transition in realtime to a MIDI/audio track...:) I've watched some really cool animations by Animusic that do this with custom software, but haven't figured out how to make this work in Anime Studio or After Effects, yet.

It's cold outside so I'll stay indoors and keep working on animation, music and the MOA Tarot deck. Mostly the animation, and once I start rendering, the Tarot deck some more.

Have an awesome evening...:)

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