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Friday, February 7, 2014

Been hard at it most of the week...:)

I've been working hard to finish my Dude Sr. character in AnimeStudio Pro 9.5. I had a way too complex bone/animation rig, and kept crashing my old computer. Tried tech support, but they can't just give me a new computer...:) Took a day to play Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 because my system crashed after a Windows update...:( Blue screen crash. Not cool Microsoft!

I'm working on my Dude Sr. character more, and watching some tutorials about facial shading/highlighting from Incredible Tutorials. These guys do a great job with tutorials!

More snow (2-3") and more on the way (4-9"). So, I'll stay indoors and work before relocating it...:)

Have an awesome day and weekend!

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